All community leaders` meet dwells on present issues


IMPHAL Aug 25: A meeting of all community leaders was organized by United Committee Manipur today at Manipur Dramatic Union Hall focusing on the hardships faced by the common people due to the ongoing economic blockades at the two national highways.

The meeting also resolved to find an amicable solution to bring peace and tranquility in the state. 

Many leaders have strongly decried the government of noncommittal in handling the prevailing issues. They expressed the need to review the Manipur Land Revenue Act in the state and pressed to form a stringent mechanism to curve the menace of using public area as weapon to full fill demands by various civil and social organizations in the state that has adverse implications to larger population.

The meeting was attended by various academicians, scholars and leaders of many civil organization and local bodies of the state.

The leaders’ meet would continue till tomorrow.

On the sideline of the leaders’ meet, Sapamcha Jadumani, president FRIENDS highlighted that MLA M. Mangi will submit a private member resolution in relation with Inner Line Permit System at Assembly House tomorrow which will also be supported by MPP, NCP, MLAs, Ministers and other different political parties based in hill districts of the state.

Jadumani said that the indigenous populace would be engulfed by the non-locals who have migrated from other parts of the country during the past few years.  He said that like Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram and Nagaland, the state should also enforce the system in order to check and monitor the movement of non locals into the state.

According to FRIENDS president, one-third of the total population of Manipur is represented by non locals coming from outside the state and thereby setting aside a major position in the administration and economy of the state. In between 1941 to 51 there was 12 % growth rate in the state; however, from 1951 to 61 the rate was jumped to 35% within a short span.

Jadumani maintained that the state has price fixation committee but the prices of essential commodities are fixed by the non-locals. 


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