AMSU calls 12-hours general strike against Sangakpham blast


IMPHAL August 2: A 12 hours Manipur general strike has been called by All Manipur Students Union from 5 am in the morning till 5pm in the evening of August 3, in connection with yesterday`s Sangakpham bomb blast.

A press conference was held in this connection at the head office of the union located in Imphal this afternoon. Th. Suresh, president of AMSU, addressing the conference said that the 12 hours general strike is instituted in protest against the abominable act of terror perpetrated towards innocent civilians yesterday at Sangakpham.

The union strongly condemned those responsible for carrying out such ghastly act, he stated.

During the conference, the union has also demanded that the government to order immediate investigation into the incident to ascertain the facts and nab those responsible involved in the incident.

He further appealed to all responsible parties not to repeat such action that inflicts fear and terror to the civilians in the future.

Suresh also said that for emergency, the general strike will be relaxed for Public Health Department, Fire service, Medical service, Media persons and religious ceremonies.

Calling for support from the general public in protest against the terror act, he said that the union will take no responsibility of any untoward incidents if any one goes against the general strike called by the Union.


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