Meghen charges Indian govt of creating communal tension


UNLF chairman RK Meghen coming out of NIA Court in Guwahati on Thursday.
GUWAHATI, Aug 25: The Indian government has long been plotting and sowing seeds of communal disharmony in the state to hinder development, stated UNLF chairman RK Sanayaima alias Meghen while speaking to media persons at Gauwahati NIA court complex today.

He further asserted that the Centre has adopted different outlooks to the states of the nation and some are treated in a step motherly basis, which has created rifts between the various communities inhabiting it.

Meghen also appealed that it is time for the communities residing in both the hills and valleys to come together and find means to coexist in harmony, especially during chaotic times.

He maintained that there has been almost no proper demarcation of district boundaries since the days of British rule. The districts boundaries should be properly chalked out to bring about uniform development, he said. The public of the state should endeavor towards economic development to be self reliant instead of depending on the national highways.

There has been scant development in the state for the last 65 years under the Indian governance, the elected representatives of the people are busy among themselves in striving for power and to cater to the whims of the centre, this is another cause for the underdevelopment prevalent, he said.

The Loktak Project which was commissioned with the promise that there will be no dearth of power supply in a state turns out to be a farce and instead burdens the farmers and disturbs the ecological balance. He stated that the public of the state should remain wary of the dubious intents of the centre. The different communities should come together and not fall prey to the underhanded politics initiated by the Indian government, he said



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