NYF cautions govt. against bifurcation of Senapati


IMPHAL, August 9: The Naga Youth Front (NYF) has vehemently oppose the design of the SPF Government led by O.Ibobi Singh on demand for creation of Sadar Hill Districthood by bifurcating Senapati district without taking into consideration of the Nagas people’s sentiments by calling it as a communal design of the government.

A statement of the front has stated that any attempt of the state government to instigate communal tension among the people in the hill districts will never be compromised.

The recent demand has the hand of the State government to directly challenge the Naga’s aspiration for honorable and peaceful solution, it added.

The hand-in-glove game of the present state government and some tribal organizations to encourage divide and rule policy among the tribal people is clearly visible by the incidents occurring during the present situation, it has alleged.

“With a free hand given to the bandh supporters and mobs, the Nagas are conclusive that, the government is anti-Nagas and fully communal”, it stated.

It further stated, “Given the fact that, emergency medical needs, essential goods and stranded passengers are not able to access the NH-39 due to the bandh, the state government continue to find options in NH-53 and Jessami road in Ukhrul with full security”.

“The ruthless and killing machine of CM O.Ibobi and DGP Joykumar, the Manipur commandos and IRBs seems to have missed the “Cabinet Decision” to open the NH-39 to the general public, while these forces are hyperactive to kill and suppress the Nagas during their peaceful demonstrations on many occasions. Thanks to the State Government for not forgetting to shoot and use repressive force against the Nagas in Manipur”, the release stated.

Further according to the statement to the Nagas, land and identity are concomitant that cannot be parted as these two elements are pivotal to the integral part and indispensable. Any parting of our land will be tantamount to loss of our cultural heritage. Every rivers, mountains, forest, streams, valleys are part and parcel of the Nagas which are identical to the people. In the name of development and progress, creation of new structures in one’s courtyard is purely encroachment, exploitation, suppressing and demeaning the rightful of ownership of the Nagas, it added.

“Demand and creation of SHDDC are constitutional rights but forfeiting and annexing other’s land is not justifiable and gross violation of Universal rights” it maintained.

The progressive and righteous Naga Youth Front (NYF) will fight tooth and nail to the last man, it has added.

“We shall not be cowed down by any forces or agencies. Surrendering and conceding of our land is genna and forbidden in Nagas social cultural traditions. In any attempt of the present state government under O.Ibobi Singh to give away the lands of the Nagas will be very grave and rife”, it said.


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