Peoples’ Demonstration for Peace in Manipur (MSAD)


Peoples’ Demonstration for Peace in Manipur
Organised under the initiatives of Manipur Students’ Association Delhi
On Monday, 8 August 2011; from 3-6 p.m.
At Jantar Mantar, New Delhi (India)

Dear friends,

Killing operandi continues without any restraint in Manipur (India). Five persons including two girl students were killed while eight others sustained injuries in the Sangakpham Bazar bomb blast on August 1st 2011 in Imphal East II. Although the Chief Minister Okram Ibobi has held the insurgent party NSCN-IM as responsible for the bomb blast, the later refuted the allegation. No organisation / individual have claimed responsibility for the blast however Manipur has lost lives and several others injured. There has been public clamour for the last few days against the incident and agitations are queuing up. We on our part would like to express condolence for those who were killed and express concern for the surviving victims.
The Sangakpham incident, although we condemn, was not the beginning and may not be the last one unless terrorism as an institution is rooted out. We have been experiencing unrestraint terrorist activities such as abduction or killing for ransom; extortion at gun points at offices, homes and highways; warnings and intimidations for settling personal grudge and vengeance; tortures and harassment; indiscriminate firing, planting of land mines, bomb blasting in public places; and etc, which have been routinely carried out from the past decade. The impact at the grassroots is rampant human rights violation, suppression of democratic voice, injustice, insecurity, war hysteria and mistrust to one another.
Terrorists are operating amongst us, if not ruling over us in varied forms. Many fear to speak out the truth and expose them. But it has become our bounden duty to speak out the truth to bring an end to terrorism. Leaving aside individual terrorism, terrorism as an institutionalised form is largely perpetrated by; (a) The Indian State that imposes repressive Acts including AFSPA 1958 and deploy killing machines that commit repression, fake encounter and cold blooded murder with impunity in the name of defending national security and development, (b) The underground parties who, in the name of revolution and counter-reaction, commit collateral damages and irreparable mistakes and (c) The State agents, communal warlords, and imposters who for personal gain used the cloak of revolution and carried out terrorist activities.
Tracing the root of terrorism is important to bring an end to it. This brings us to rethink and emphasise that terrorism within an administrative entity is dominantly nurtured and perpetuated by the governing State. Practically, an oppressive State remains the main supplier and defender of the means of terrorism – guns, bombs, soldiers, police, secret killing agents, gun licensees and other repressive Acts to suppress democratic voices. To perpetuate its rule by creating divisions and disunity among people a totalitarian State may supply arms to communal warlords and reaction to indulge in criminal activity and misrepresent it. In Manipur, the armed groups waging war against the Indian State, many of whom have become perverted and indulge in criminal activities, are largely the product of the State. Lack of political will on the part of the Indian State to address nationality question and other democratic questions in a democratic way but dependent on militant tactics of suppression, thereby, giving due importance to the voice of gun has promoted armed resistance. Guns & bombs became crucial factors for maintaining status quo in the power relation between the rulers and the rebels. Correspondingly, subsequent growth of warlords, armed gangsters, killing agents, etc., is to be seen as offshoots manufactured within the ideological framework of militancy and terrorism promoted by the State. We, therefore, consider that the Indian State should play an important role in rooting out terrorism in Manipur.

We, therefore, invite you to take part in the demonstration and jointly appeal:

(1) The Government of India to initiate peaceful democratic process to address nationality questions in the Indian subcontinent with due acknowledgement to the sentiment and aspiration of the peoples who claimed for different nationhood.
(2) The Government of India to repeal the Armed Forces Special Powers’ Act 1958 and other repressive Acts such as NSA, UAPA, Seditious Act, etc. on the one hand and at the same time demilitarise Manipur.
(3) The Non State Parties to stop targeting civilians in the name of revolution or for sectarian gains.
(4) The Civil Societies in Manipur to take non-partisan position and collectively work when it comes to the question of targeting innocent civilians or terrorism in any form by any force. **

Unity is Victory
Long Live Democracy

For information please contact MSAD at: +917503689305,+918802201824,+ 91 9953877262, +91 9250446722


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