Senior citizens lament law and order situation; call for end to indefinite NH-2 general strike


IMPHAL August 6: The Senior Citizens for Society, Manipur, in a press conference held today at the Manipur press club has condemned the Monday blast at Sangakpham killing four civilians and injuring many others.

The secretary of the society, Khaidem Mani termed the incident as an utmost act of cowardice and labeled it as extreme terrorist handiwork.

He stated that based on facts, the incident was undeniably carried out by a particular organization that has been under peace-talks with the central government. He asserted that there is a need to review the ceasefire ground rule agreement that is being agreed upon between the central government and the NSCN (IM).

Considering numerous other terrorist acts that have been carried out by the organization in the recent pasts, he further said that it ought to be banned totally as a terrorist organization.

Meanwhile, he lamented and called it unfortunate while referring to the prevailing to the violent incidents that have claimed three innocent lives and destroyed many properties along the Natinal Highway 2 due to the economic blockade and indefinite general strike called by the Sadar Hills Districthood Demand Committee.

Mani elaborated that imposing economic blockade on the sole lifeline by putting lakhs of people at stake is unjust and lacks positive justification even if the demands of the organization are reasonable.

Thus, the senior citizens for society has demanded to end the economic blockade and has further appealed to take other forms of democratic means as course of their demands.

In the meanwhile, acknowledging the demands of a full-fledged Sadar Hills district as genuine, the society has appealed to the government to fulfill the decades long demand of the SHDDC as the government had also consented to the demands of the committee, he stated

The conference was also addressed by N. Sadananda Singh, general secretary and N. Binoy Singh, president of the society.


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