Tamenglong District Hospital needs proper supervision


Original Source: The Imphal Free Press


Why is Dr. K. Gaithaolung, CMO, Tamenglong, so averse to the opinion and views raised by the Co-ordinator of Zeliangrong Students’ Union, Tamenglong, or to any concerned organisations, when it is all for the public interest? For the last many years he has been the CMO of Tamenglong but what changes has he brought about or initiated any changes for the development of the health services in the district? He should be ashamed of himself for seeing the changes and new look in the District Hospital, Tamenglong during his absence, while whisking away the posh life of the Imphal valley. If he is concerned and really loves his own community, being a responsible senior gazetted officer of the government of Manipur, he should give his best service to the poor people of Tamenglong district. For how long can he fool the people of Tamenglong? At the fag end of his career he is more interested in pacifying his shortcomings and weaknesses as an administrator instead of giving importance to the plight of the patients. His clarification in the Hueiyen Lanpao dated 5th July 2011 clearly shows his immaturity as Head of the Department.

Why doesn’t he try to bring innovative ideas of which he has sufficient experience at the Medical Directorate and also at the JN Hospital in the capacity of the Medical Superintendent? He knows very well that Tamenglong District Hospital is lagging behind other districts of Manipur. He knows very well that the distance between Tamenglong to Imphal is about 147 Km away where poverty-stricken patients had to be referred to well equipped hospitals for further treatment, not to talk about the rough zig -zag road which has taken the toll of many lives during transportation. Why is he so insensitive about all these important issues to highlight to the higher authorities?
His statement that “No Operation Theatre is required nor specialist doctors be posted at the District Hospital, Tamenglong” is noted by the public. Does this irresponsible statement show any concern for the people of Tamenglong? Is he, in his capacity as a CMO, bringing about anything conducive for the down-trodden district of Tamenglong? Is he doing his duties anyway or is he just a poser who spends most of his quality time with his family in Imphal? Or is he just a bragger?

If he is more interested in the blame game rather than concentrating to his assigned work as the CMO, it would be better for him to resign from the service and take rest. No doubt he will be able to devote more time to his family and his health.

Tamenglong would rather want a worker rather than a poser. Period.

Yours faithfully,
Frank Pame,
Tamenglong District, Manipur.


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