Teachers still on strike demanding 6th pay


IMPHAL, August 6: With the cabinet meeting held on August 5 failing to provide any re-assurance to the demands of the agitating college teachers, the government polytechnic gazetted staff association has re-affirmed to continue with the cease work strike until their demands are fulfilled.

The teachers’ association in a statement has said that the ongoing strike of the association has entered its sixth day without any positive and concrete response from the government till date.

It has further stated that renowned educationist and experts of different fields had recommended the sixth pay after much deliberation. It reminded that the government of India had accepted the recommendation with the view to rein in the engineers in the teaching profession to counter the exodus of engineers to other public and private sectors who are offering better pay with perks.

“This is just one of the reasons, the government of Manipur and its dignitaries should not debate on the pros and cons of the revised pay put forward by the government of India. If this might be the case, the government of Manipur should have initially insist on nominating its members or members of the committee of the 6th pay commission at the time of preparation of the sixth pay structure” it said.

It contended that as a member of the Indian Union, the government of Manipur should respect the education policy of the government of India and should have implemented the revised pay as had been done in the other states of India.

Further it also requests the students and their parents/guardians to bear with the teachers in their endeavour for demanding justice from the government of Manipur.


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