AR provides help to underprivileged families


    IMPHAL, Sept 4: Apart from extending possible assistance to the under privileged families for their upliftment in livelihooh the 5 Assam Rifles under the aegis of 59 Mountain Brigade has been aiding in the education of under privileged children.

    According to release of PIB, Defence Wing, a hostel established and functional at Maram provides free stay to 25 Children and also free education at Pancham Public School, both being financial and administratively supported by 5 Assam Rifles.

    The release also mentioned that, 5 Assam Rilfes has been always been instrumental in extending its kind hand to the local populace in every possible way. Recently, a local resident of Maram witnessed this act of kindness wherein all assistance was provided by 5 Assam Rifles in reconstruction of a damaged house due to a landslide. Along with constructional material like cement and bricks monetary help was also provided by the Battalion. The beneficiary was very grateful to the selfless efforts of 5 Assam Rifles, such kind gesture was extremly appreciated by the local public of Maram, the release added.


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