Chandel people draw govt attention to ensure basic amenities


IMPHAL, Sept 2: The people of Chandel district have drawn the attention of state government towards the failure of delivery of basic services to the public in terms of health care, education and agriculture for the last one year.

Speaking to IFP, RD Paul, coordinator of Christian Social Development Organization, Chandel stated that the official building of chief medical officer and some portion of Maha Union Government High School located near Japhou Village of Chandel district headquarters have been damaged by the storm occurred during September last year.

He said that despite of repeated reminders served to the authorities concerned for repairing of offices and school buildings, the state government is still has not taken up anything to address the problems of the people.

He also mentioned that ever since the office of CMO was swept away by a storm last year, the villagers are facing problems trying to avail the healthcare facilities.

On the other hand, the three class rooms, office of the head master and the computer room and staff room were blown by a storm last year. However, the authorities concerned have failed to repair the school building resulting to the deprivation of education of the children of these schools.

President of NGO Forum Chandel, Ngamnung Anal further stated that the office building of Chandel District Agriculture was burnt down by some protestors during May last year and as a result various schemes related to the agriculture and allied activities have not been reached out to the farmers since last year.

He further drew the attention of the state government for immediate construction of district agriculture office to ease the grievances being faced by the villagers of the district.

Ngamnung also mentioned that Chandel district being under high prevalence zone of HIV/AIDS and other communicable diseases need more medical health care facilities in the area. The authorities concerned should maintain proper office of Chief Medical Officer of Chandel district, he demanded.


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