Concern expressed over gun attack


IMPHAL, September 30: Chil Chil Asian Mission Society, Kanglatombi has expressed its concerned over the incident of gunshots by suspected Kuki militants at the Bible students of Chil Chil Theological Seminary (CCTS) on September 24 afternoon while the students were working at the society owned farm.

A press statement issued by one Rev KG Janathan chairman CCTS, alleged that immediately after firing gunshots on the afternoon of September 24, the suspected kuki militants shouted, “That is not your land, go away from this field”. Fortunately, no one was injured during the attack, it added.

The statement further urged the Kuki brothers and all right thinking, peace loving people to reflect upon the acts of the Kuki brothers towards peaceful and harmless Bible students.

The release has further requested to keep in mind that the seminary is for students from different communities. The Manipur Theological College is located at Kangpokpi, a Kuki dominant area it does not meant that it belongs to the Kuki Tribe only but it embraces all communities. Likewise, CCTS is not a political or communal institution. Its aim is to impart theological knowledge to all communities and expect cooperation from all communities, united in brotherhood through Christ.

It also mentioned that, if anyone has any difference or bitterness with anyone, they should sort it out amicably and not resort to violence.

It has further appealed to authorities to make necessary intervention so that peace and love among different communities are maintained in the state, the release added.

In a separate release, the Liangmai Naga Council has expressed its strong condemnation of the shooting incident against the students of Chil Chil Theological Seminary on September 24 afternoon by armed militants.

It is further mentioned that the students who were threatened with gunshots and chased away from their farm is seen as an attempt by suspected Kuki militants to falsely  claim the land as their and this activity coincide with the demand of Sadar Hills district, Manipur.

Such  condemnable act of the gunmen has provoke the people of the area and if this matter is not looked into it has every chance of breaking out into another Kuki-Naga clash, the release added.

Further, the Makhan Area union, Manipur Village Area Union, Manipur further appeal to the state government to look into the matter and book the culprits so that the matter could be resolved in a peaceful way and if the state government remain as silent spectator, the situation will create unwanted atmosphere now and then.


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