FREINDS condemns non local killing


    IMPHAL September 20: Federation of Regional Indigenous Societies (FREINDS) stated that the demand for imposing the ILP has been urged by the body to the government to safeguard the ethnic status of the various communities of the state.

    While the body has instituted an expert committee to help the government, some insurgents groups have come out strongly against the influx problem. “It may lead to a confusing outlook to the public.” FRIENDS publicity secretary, W Santa Meeitei stated that the organization condemned the inhuman atrocities and killings meted out to the non local laborers’ by unknown assailants in the state at present.

    It stated that the influx is not only from other states of the nation but from other countries also, and instituting the ILP will help curb the disproportionate status and the organization appeals to the public to provide support.


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