Giant python worth lakhs of rupees killed in Ukhrul


From John Kaping
UKHRUL, Sept. 7:  A giant python measuring about 13.2 feet in length, 20 inches in diameter and weighing 45 kilogram was captured and later killed by a group of poachers at the ravine between Shokvao and Shangshak village in Ukhrul today morning.

According to local source, the value of such Python in the local market would cost an about Rs. 1,15,000. The head of the python costs around Rs. 3,000, its skin values at Rs. 15,000 and the meat weighing 45 kg would cost around Rs 36,000.

The most precious part is gall-bladder which costs around Rs. 40,000 in the local market or the dealing agents. Also the fats of the animal would cost some Rupees 15,000.

Locally, the gall bladder of the python is very costly as it is believed by many people to have curative potentials for many diseases. The fat is also applied in curing different wounds and scars.


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