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GIVING MUSIC A CHANCE – Music Lovers from the North East

Press Release

23 September, 2011, New Delhi:  A musical concert titled Give Music A Chance was organized by A House And A Guitar at Shah Auditorium. The evening was dedicated to the victims of the recent earthquake in Sikkim and surrounding areas.




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Talking about the concert, Manimohon Yanglem expressed, “We were contemplating to organize a concert to give a stage to the up and coming bands of the north east. Then suddenly the unfortunate earthquake happened in Sikkim causing unimaginable damages, giving us all the more reasons for the event. Then we quickly put together whatever we have in our pockets, sought some support from our well wishers and decided to let this event happen.”

Robin Seram, another member of A House And A Guitar and also a performer of the evening said, “Ours is a project started by a group of god-fearing, music-loving individuals like you and me. The project aims to present the inner beauty of music within the youngsters of the north east and make an attempt to put them into the limelight. ‘Give Music a Chance’ is our first attempt at getting heard in this part of the country showcasing unheard talents of the region.”

Apart from taking this kind of gig to various parts of the country, the group also shares the dream of seeing music as a compulsory subject in the education system of the North-East India, he said.

Give Music A Chance featured four bands namely Fubar Ghetto, a jazz band, The Dirty Strikes, an Indie rock band who flew in from Imphal for this concert and Dark Reign, a heavy metal band based in New Delhi and the in-house band of A House And A Guitar. The opening act of the show was a traditional Manipuri cultural show, followed by a percussion fusion. Kenon, a solo artist also performed a couple of songs providing a harmonic punctuation to the evening.

Aheibam Prahlad, another member of the organization informed, “ We are overwhelmed with the full capacity audience turn-out. We are glad the show has been a success. We will continue to provide the stage to many more musicians encompassing various musical genres from the north-east. In the end of the day it is all about sending out a message through music.”


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