JAC describes Khuga Dam as `death trap`


From Kaimuanthang
LAMKA, September 22: Accusing the state government on the issue that the Khuga Multipurpose Dam has not given any benefit to the people, the Joint Action Committee Khuga Dam, after a brief silence has come out again through a press statement in which it has stated that the demands raised by them had been put in a cold storage.

The JAC statement signed by its chairman Lalpu Hangshing stated that the dam which was constructed has become a mine for amassing untold wealth by concerned ministers whereas on the other hand it has caused a wretched living, loss of landed property and affected the overall status of the public.

Making the situation worse, the dam has caused death to as many as five students so far and another ten adults, the release said that the JAC condemned certain politicians for turning a blind eye to their genuine demands and for deceiving the people of Churachandpur.

The JAC declared that the dam is a death trap for the public of Churachandpur district in the statement.

It may be mentioned that three childrens hailing from Tuithapi and Tuibuong have drowned yet again yesterday at the Khuga dam in three separate incidents occurring at various point of time.


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