NPO submits memorandum to CS reaffirming its stance against Sadar Hills


IMPHAL, Sept 14: The Naga People’s Organization has submitted a memorandum to the Chief Secretary of Manipur through deputy commissioner of Senapati today reaffirming the stance of opposing the creation of any new district in the state which would otherwise disintegrate the Naga inhabited areas. 

The memorandum stated that while sincerely acknowledging the positive steps of resolving the contentious prevailing issue of Sadar Hills Districthood Demand by SHDCC, the Naga revenue Villages inhabiting within the Sadar Hills reiterate the historical decision not to join or accept any form of merging these villages with any process of separate administration for Sadar Hills or merger with any other district. 

Manipur Government led by United Legislature Party (ULP) in 1972-73, wherein the party with all the concerned Naga villages inhabiting in Sadar Hills resolved unanimously and declared not to merge or join during any creation of separate Sadar Hills Administration or with any other District. In this regard, numerous MoUs signed between the Manipur Government and Naga frontal Organizations in 1981, 1992, 1996, and 1998 must be uphold and respected to peacefully settle the present issue. Defending its stance clear, these Naga villages with its own unique ancestral land records and settlements will not agree to any process of merger with Sadar Hills, the memorandum mentioned.


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