One Way For No Way Land!


By: G.S.Oinam
Borderline writers are now, very difficult to send a goodwill message–peoples feeling is very high, sensitive on blockade & district bifurcation /up gradation. If PIL file and warrant issue by the Honourable High Court to arrest Sadar hills leaders and UNC members is the only matter of delay on dialogue and negotiation of Sadar hills demand and opening highway, government can send interlocutors to continue dialogue to end highway blockade. By the way, demand committee can file counter PIL to neutralized the special arrest warrant- so that leaders can be free to continue dialogue positively to end the crisis ( I am not sure 100% but it can be attempt). However, this method shall not be repeated on another agitation. I remember Dr. Manmohan Singh’s special appeal to Chief Justice of India last year to refrain and non interference on important public issues. Honurable High Court must be realizing all social conflicts and may kindly give one time mercy. Let them allow to protest in peaceful manner—sit in protest, public meeting, public rally and any other function / programme.


However, Sadar Hills Demand Committee and UNC has to end road blockade and say “ no to arm and violence”—Sadar hills message to world goes wrongly. Give us Sadar Hills District or we will blockade highways indefinitely to starve the entire valley & hills population. Message is wrong– threat to people and spreading hatred.


That is why I told the Sadar hills demand committee to change game plan. Let the valley people survive to support your demand. Demand committee shall not be rigid—it must be flexible. All growing and successful organizations are flexible. Your positive approach like no disturbance on convoy goods carrying trucks will be appreciated. Nobody will try to solve your problem earnestly right now—it has become an election issue. And, the issue has given multi conflict messages. This multi conflict messages has to be separate first.

Look at me! I am your friend—don’t look at any other comments; some of them are well experience on Chinese propaganda. You simple, straight forward Sadar hills people will confused listening their comment and action. I know what do you want-Yes or No answer on Sadar hills demand. See the timing and strategy of your demand. Do you think it is right? Rigid and determination are different. Also, I know majority Kuki people are not diplomatic like Nagas- no kuki is able to become CM of Manipur. And very often, Sadar hills demand / issue rise up during election time. I suggest you this issue shall not be a weapon for politician, only then, Sadar hills demand can be success. Some body have given you sward, bows and spear etc And some body has taught you how to hunting where the animals are abundantly found. Now, this is your duty to hunt animals and prepare food for yourselves. Nobody will give you readymade food this time. I mean you must try to find a good strategy for winning your demand—give me Sadar hills district or ….. ..Childish and aggressive nature? I love your simplicity and honesty. Surprisingly, Power without responsibility, responsibility without power—it happens sometimes. Manipur will require very big mental asylum; and at the end, doctors will be mental patient. All world wars occur when leaders are mad.

Only the possible solution at present is 1) Administrative and police district boundaries reorganization committee must be strong, independent and well experience personals. 2) Method must be action research work and time duration shall be about 7-8 months. 3) Local intellectuals must involve 4) Reports shall be table on the floor of Assembly.  Hoping both the demand committee and state government will accept my formula.

By the way, state government may ask special development fund from the centre for Sadar hills and Jiribam people. NEC, NLCPR and SPA funds are proving to north east states.

Don’t you know SPF team can’t sleep without problems? Now, you have given them pen killer to sleep sound. They are getting advantage and playing vote bank politics in valley for coming assembly election from your demand (Sadar hills). CM will not resign. Congress party would not like to change leader right now. Suffering will be poor people and middle class only. Politician will play shadow boxing on your issue and people will claps to their action and acting but they will have no personal enemy, they are just acting. At the end of drama, they will ask to their well wishers—how is my acting? Example- opposition leaders/ minister will discuss the matter at Assembly/ Parliament lobby or residence before question arises on the floor of Assembly/ Parliament—it is necessary sometimes. However, they will play shadow boxing on the floor of Assembly and the resolution/ bill will pass.

What problem do you have to sit in protest, public rally, meeting, and interactive programme? You can do peaceful protest anywhere in India including Imphal and New Delhi. These are the essential things to do for giving awareness and getting support from mass. Also, promotional campaign on media will be very helpful. Explain to the people why do you like Sadar hills a separate district? What happen to the present ADC status? What will be the benefits for the people after new district creation? Appeal to Naga bodies to kindly support to Sadar hills district creation.

Well, Sadar hills demand committee has got blessing from Nitin Gatkari, President BJP. Further, Demand Committee has to go and seek blessing from Smt. Sonia Gandhi and other political party leaders.


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