Sadar Hills church leaders urge full implementation of Manipur (Hill Areas) District council Act, 1971


IMPHAL, Sept 26: A team of delegates of the Church Leaders Forum, Sadar Hills Autonomous District today submitted a memorandum to the Chief Minister O Ibobi with an objective to bring an amicable solution to the present Sadar Hills issue and to subsequently end the economic blockade.

The memorandum which was submitted to the Chief Minister this afternoon at around 2pm demanded the full implementation of the Manipur (Hill Areas) District council Act, 1971 in the Sadar Hills Districts.

Meanwhile speaking to mediapersons after submitting the memorandum, spokesperson of the forum Rev Dr Kim Vaiphei, member secretary North East Christian Council, who was among the delegate submitting the memorandum said that “We have submitted our memorandum as well as made our verbal request to the state Chief Minister during the meeting this afternoon stating that the church leaders of the Sadar Hills have been striving ceaselessly for the conservation of  peace and tranquility and preservation of communal harmony and cordial relation among the various communities and tribes through sound understanding of the priceless and immeasurable value of man”.

“We made our humble presentation to the Chief Minister stating that we do not believe in violence and bloodshed and we also do not believe that any thing good will come out from the bandh and blockade”.

“The intent of the economic blockade is to let other people die of starvation and hunger and it is a heinous crime against humanity and pray that there would be no more imposition of economic blockade in the region”.

Meanwhile, when asked about the Chief Minister’s response on their memorandum during the meeting, the spokesperson was reluctant to provide any reply, however other sources have maintained that the reply seem to be positive.

The Chief Minister has further been urged to fully implement the Manipur (Hill Areas) District Council Act, 1971 which will most certainly ensure the removal of economic disparity and discrimination against the people, deliverance from the economic bondage and subservience, mitigation of the long suffering of the people and alleviation of poverty in the region and rapid economic development at par with other neigbouring districts, fresh lease of life with brighter hopes for their future, widening the areas of mutual co-operation with all the inhabitants of the Sadar Hills district in all spheres of economic enterprises among others.

Meanwhile, the memorandum also mentioned that the Sadar Hills Autonomous Council has been already in existence as a full-fleged district having its own approved boundary and villages. As per Manipur (Hill Areas) Act, 1971, the district had its own chairman and other members elected. In 1973 the first members of District Council (MDC) election was held, and in that Council members of Tangkhul, Naga, Liangmei Naga,  Kom and Chiru were represented. As far as the present administrative setup in concerned, the Sadar Hills Autonomous District council is like a recognized full-fledged Higher secondary school without an approved qualified headmaster, it stated.

It has further mentioned that if the requisite administrative staff-DC as DRDA and also SP with their subordinate staffs are appointed and all other essential departments are all opened, the Sadar Hills Autonomous District would function smoothly without any encumbrances. It also added that the question of creation of Sadar Hills District as a new district or its upgradation does not arise.

The memorandum further mentions that the people of the Sadar Hills district have been suffering from severe economic deprivation, anomalies, depression and hardhip for  40 years since 1971. The most wretched, miserable, poorest and darkest in appearance due to till nourishment are the people of the Sadar Hills district.

It has further mentioned that “The practice of the district development funds is such that the entire amount of the fund sanctioned for the two districts is wholly availed of or consumed by the influential local people of Senapati, nothing being left over and not a single paise surplus for the Sadar Hills district. The anomaly in the distribution of district development funds or inordinate use of fund occurs mainly due to the fact that no exclusive separate development fund has been provided or earmarked for Sadar Hills district. At the meantime the annual budget provision for the Senapati district has been deliberately so made that only the Senapati local people would be benefited depriving the people of the Sadar Hills district”.

The memorandum further mentioned that,  the people of the Sadar hills district have been facing the economic blockade continuously for the last 40 years and all the channel for inflow of development fund has been blocked or shut down now, and the the different communities living under the Sadar Hills have been getting same suffers and hardship as felt by the general public of the state due to the prolonged blockades and counter imposed along the National Highways of the state and further drawn of the state government to bring an end solutions to the demands.


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