Vaiphei history comes alive with `Thazing-Lap` celebration


IMPHAL, Sept 27: The Vaiphei community brought back history to life during “Thazing-Lap” celebration 2011 held today at Salam Patong hill, Sadar Hills.

The “Thazing Lap” is a significant celebration observed since time immemorial marking the genesis of the settlement of Vaiphei community in Manipur said Rev. S Prim Vaiphei, president AMCO.

In ancient days the “Thazing Lap” is celebrated for three months. Their ancestor first celebrated when the Vaiphei community firmly established its settlement at Salam Patong which was once known as Kulbung veng, further recalled the Reverend.

From Kulbung veng the Vaiphei community spread all over the state and expanded its settlement forming at least 30 villages till date, he said.

Further recalling the history of the community, the Reverend further informed that Vaiphei community originated from Chin Hills (now Myanmar) and migrated to Manipur during the period of Gambhir Singh, the then Maharaja of the erstwhile kingdom of Manipur, and settled at Natok from their they moved to Mahadeva (along NH-150).

Later they were brought to Mahabali village by the Maharaja where he ordered the men to be armed and women to take broom. The community however denied the idea and fearing that they will be converted into Meitei they fled from Mahabali and firmly settled at Kulbung veng, maintained the Reverend.

Kulbung later got recognition in the official gazette of Manipur in 1830. The villagers also fought in the Tiddim battle against Burmese army along side Maharaj Chandrakirti (Ngameingam) Kamhao in Myanmar where they faced defeat, he said.

The village later came to be known as Salam Patong named after Kulbung veng chief, Patong.

The original village today stands isolated at a Hill top with only stones erected by the ancestors.

The celebration was graced by commissioner co-operation, P. Vaiphei IAS, as the chief guest besides numerous villagers of the area, students, village chiefs etc also took part in the celebration.

While delivering his chief guest speech, P. Vaiphei, said he took part in the celebration citing the historical significance of Vaiphei history lying beneath the “Thazing Lap”.

He also gave a clarion call to the Vaiphei community settling in various part of the state to unitedly uphold the “Thazing Lap” and preserve the identity of the community through it. Moreover he also assured to promote the celebration and help it organized at bigger way.

Today’s celebration was jointly organized by the village authority of Salam Patong, Zillai eastern block and Salam Patong Sporting Youth Club.

Performance of “Thazing Lap” dance depicting the Vaiphei history, by the Salam Patong Sporting Youth Club was the main features of the celebration. Besides presentation of songs by children, presentation of cultural dance by Thanza Youth clubs etc followed by a traditional luncheon marked the celebration.    


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