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When I don’t feel


During my childhood
when I saw the moon in her calmness
raising from the Nongmaijing hill
casting its silvery rays with a smile
full of tenderness my heart was
that I fancied a few lines in her admiration
not knowing how.

Now a days when I am grown up
I have not seen her nor feel the calmness
of its silvery rays
but feeling I the heat of the sun,
feeling the hair raising news
all the year round.

Feeling I the intrigues, ethnic cleansing,
bands and blockades, skyrocketing prices
potholes, garbage dumps
hydra headed corruption,
drugs ,pills ,crimes
and what is not.

Silvery calm rays of the moon
now a days I don’t see .
And now a days
hardly a sweet note I uttered from my lips
but all the scornful words in harsh tones.



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