Zeliangrong bodies re-affirm stance on Sadar Hills district demand


IMPHAL, Sept 16: A joint statement of the Zeliangrong Youth Front (ZYF) and All Zeliangrong Students’ Union (AZSU) has stated that during the public hearing held on September 15, 2011 at the office of the state chief secretary Imphal, the Zeliangrong Youth Front (ZYF) and All Zeliangrong Students’ Union (AZSU) had reminded the Committee on Re-Organisation of Administrative and Police District Boundary, Manipur regarding the firm stand and clear position of the Zeliangrong people to merge the villages/areas of Senapati which include Sadar Hills and Churachandpur district into the Tamenglong district.

It has further stated “The strong objection of the Zeliangrong people was raised when their contiguous areas was bifurcated for the creation of Sadar Sub-Division in the year 1933 and since then the demand of the Zeliangrong people to restore their land started by submitting numerous memoranda and representations to the central govt. as well as the state govt.” “Acknowledging the ground reality of the demand raised by the Zeliangrong people to merge and restores their bifurcated land, secretary, revenue department, govt. of Manipur had issued direction through Telegram message marked as “Matter Most Urgent” dated 6/12/1989 to the Deputy Commissioners of Senapati, Churachandpur and Tamenglong districts to submit report within 15 days time from the receipt of the said “TELEX” for fixing district boundaries.” The respective Deputy Commissioners of the Senapati, Churachandpur and Tamenglong districts had already submitted necessary report to the state govt. but the state govt. failed to fulfill the legitimate dem
and of the Zeliangrong people till date.

The statement has further stated tha the delay in the implementation of the merger/amalgamation issue of the zeliangrong villages/areas had attracted the union home minister to intervene when RK Ranbir was the state Chief Minister.

It has further stated that the district boundaries issues have now aggravated with people who are not related to the land issues of Zeliangrong people are taking keen interest and interfering into the matter.

The State Govt. realising the fact and necessity of the issue have now constituted the Committee for the purpose of Re-Organisation of district boundary and as such the Committee is inviting public opinion and holding public hearing  in the matter.

The opinion of the Zeliangrong people is very clear in this issue and incorporated in the various memoranda and representations already submitted to the central govt. as well as govt. of Manipur. Therefore, immediate merger/amalgamation of Zeliangrong people lands to the Tamenglong district is legitimate demand of which the Committee must fulfill this time, it has added. 

Meanwhile it has also added that, “The Zeliangrong Youth Front (ZYF) and All Zeliangrong Students’ Union (AZSU) learnt that some individuals  intimidated the Zeliangrong villages and other non Kukis communities residing in the present Sadar Hills  who are strongly objected to Sadar Hills district demand to give their Village Authority blank letterheads, therefore, strongly warn those individuals to immediately stop such activities before anything negative consequences resulted”.

The Committee holding the public hearing in this issue in particular and the State Govt. in general is informed to treat such documents as bogus and fake documents and if the committee take any decision based on the such documents submitted by people who are not related to the concern communities will be considered as pre-meditated and pre-planned one orchestrated by the committee at the behest of pro Sadar Hills district, it added.


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