A Clarion-Call For Relaxation Of Upper Age Limit Concerning The Recruitment Of Primary Teachers Under SSA, Manipur


By Hijam Heramot Singh
As per office records of Employment Exchange Directorate, there are about 7 lakhs of registered educated unemployed youths in Manipur as on date. This alarming increase of unemployed youths is a very serious burning problems of the Govt. and the public at large. The grievances of the aggrieved job seekers needs to be tackled and solved step by step with a healing-touch tactfully and diplomatically through a considered formula of adjustment and compromise by way of exploring ways and means to accommodate them. Of course, no Govt. could give employment to each and every educated unemployed youths. However, as far as possible the Govt. as parents do, should see that fullest justice is done with crystal-clear transparency in its process and procedures with every possible flexibility wherever possible, for recruitment of the most suitable, competent and comparatively higher caliber candidates for all grades/posts of all departments impartially and judiciously as per relevant recruitment rules cum administrative expediency of the Govt. from time to time.

If there is a will, the Govt. could do and undo things for constructive purposes for the welfare of the people in public interest. If needs be, even the constitution of India is amended and rectified time and again, as per administrative and political expediency of the situation in the country.

Taking into consideration of all vexed and grave confronting problems and factual ground realities cum constructive compelling circumvent circumstances prevailing in the state , the Hon’ble Chief Minister is fervently urged to graciously bless with every possible gesture , as great man does, as a symbolic testimony of his statesmanship, for those candidates, who have passed in both of the TET (Teacher Eligibility Test) held recently, and the Primary Teacher’s written Test/Examination, conducted in 2006-2007 (but unfortunately not appointed) by way of giving 7 years one time age relaxation in their upper age limit as had been done and validated, with a provision/criteria made by the Govt. in the case of recruitment for RMSA, without any discrimination, on purely humanitarian ground, as a very very special case, to redress the genuine grievances (i.e. age bar) of the inflicted aggrieved candidates.

By doing so, the Govt. has no liability nor lose anything, but will gain in all aspects of cutting/ reducing the committed expenditure from its exchequer, because the over age/senior employees, if accommodated /employed , will have to retire sooner at their retirement age earlier than others, on the one had, and to ensure help in solving the serious unemployment problem of these candidates, who are on the verse of overage, due to age bar, but resourceful, talented and most deserving/suitable for teaching professionally, as teachers ought to be. Etc. on the other hand.

Such age bar relaxations were approved and granted/validated by the earlier Govt. when Shri Rishang Keishing was the Chief Minister in the case of MCS/MPS Exam conducted by the esteemed MPSC some years ago, in which one man Judicial enquiry commission of the so-called DAS Commission probed and detected the mark tampering in the answer scripts of some candidates. Subsequently, after scrapping/invalidating the results of the recommended list, the MPSC reconducted the said Civil Service Exam after about 7 years by way of giving age relaxation of upper age limit , to all the candidates who appeared in the invalidated earlier exam. This is a vivid case/ precedent of one time upper age relaxation of even in the case of class I Gazatted posts in Manipur, adopted and enforced by the then Govt. Within the purview of state policy of Manipur.

While processing for recruitment of primary Teachers, the education department have taken more than five years (i.e. from 2006 to 2011) unprecedented ever in the administrative and appointment history in India. This is not the fault of the aspirant candidates who are suffering/ bearing with untold miseries now due to overage. It may also be noted that Primary Teachers post is a nominal 3rd grade post unlike MCS/MPS post.

Further, it may not be out of place to mention here that Shri Nitish Kumar Hon’ble Chief Minister of Bihar have had appointed about 50 thousand primary Teachers at a time some five years back without any age bar of upper age limit of candidates etc. as a state policy by way of relaxing upto 50 years of the aspirant candidates. His positive academic gesture was widely appreciated by one and all to solve unemployment problems in Bihar step by step I think my considered constructive view-point is self-explanatory and self-convincing in itself, representing the voice of the 27 lakh population of Manipur (both hill and valley people taken altogether) which deserves and calls for special sympathetic consideration of the Hon’ble chief Minister of Manipur, Shri Okram Ibobi Singh, to prove his destined statesmanship and inborn dynamic leadership, as a special package, among other achievements, as a testimony of Diwali and Ningol-Chakouba festival, with his bestowed and imbibed wisdom and vision generously, without disturbing the sanctity of the Right to Education Act. in Manipur.

I have written this in public interest.
Author is a Social Activist and senior citizen
Singjamei Wangma, Kshetri Leikai,
Cell No. 9856850360.

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  1. The point as pointed out by social activist Hijam Heramot Singh is a valid point and I request to the Government of Manipur to consider one time relazation of upper age limit to the recruitment of SSA teacher’s recruitment in Manipur


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