Apunba lup lifts ban on `Telegraph`, with apology from regional manager


IMPHAL, Oct 30: The ban imposed by the Apunba Lup upon the daily ‘the Telegraph’ in the state has been lifted from today following an understanding between the representatives of the new paper with the Apunba Lup at the Manipur press club.

The talk was held under the initiative of the All Manipur Working Journalist Union,

Representing the daily newspaper, regional manager Pankaj Thakur stated that the news report on Sharmila which was carried in the September 5 issue of the Telegraph had no hidden intention, but it was carried just as a news report and that it not intended to harm or intentionally hurt anyone, however he further clarified that if the publication of the news has hurt the sentiments of the general people of Manipur or any individuals the newspaper is highly regretful.

He further assured not to repeat such mistakes in the future which could hurt the sentiments of the people and also avoid collecting news from the state without informing the Telegraph Imphal correspondent.

The regional manager has further tendered apology to the people of Manipur through the Apunba Lup on the issue.

The Apunba Lup had imposed ban on sales of the Telegraph in Manipur stating that it is trying to divert attention from the public issue when the later had publish an article based on the personnel life of Sharmila.

The Lup had also resolved not to lift its ban until the editor or news editor of the paper comes to the state and apologizes to the people of Manipur, however following an appeal from the AMWJU, the lup had lessen its demand from an apology from the editor to someone responsible.

A representative of the AMWJU informed that the Apunba also said that the ban imposed was nothing to do with any personal enmity however a measure had to be taken so as to avoid diversion of attention from the public issue.

The meet also further agreed to allow sales of the Telegraph in the state from tomorrow. 



  1. Glad we got that sorted. Now that there are no further distractions. Perhaps the people of Manipur can focus on electing MLAs who will denotify Disturbed Area Status from the whole of Manipur thus freeing Irom Sharmila and driving the AF(SP)A from this land once and for all. For now if the people of Manipur could write to Irom Sharmila Chanu, Security Ward, Jawaharlal Nehru I M S, Porompat, Imphal East, Manipur 795001 urging her to stand against the CM on this single issue. If you can find 59 others then the people of Manipur will be able to make an adult choice on this matter for themselves. After that who knows you might be able to decide which films you can watch, whether to wear blue jeans and which newspapers those who can read, may read. First things First. Election 2012 is when you can rid AF(SP)A you the people. Or do I now need permission from some Pan Manipuri lup to point out the obvious.


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