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Congress MP joins Sadar Hills district demand chorus

IMPHAL, Oct 3 (Newmai News Network): The state government lacks sincerity and genuine concern while dealing with Sadar Hills issue, said  Thangso Baite, Member of Parliament (MP), Lok Sabha from Manipur today and sought immediate declaration of a full fledged Sadar Hills district.

Thangso Baite, the Congress MP told in a press conference at his official residence in Imphal today that, “the state government must be sincere in dealing with the issue of Sadar Hills and declare a full fledged district at the earliest.”
“If only the state government knows the pulse of the people of Sadar Hills, it would have been better placed in resolving the issue of Sadar Hills,” he asserted.
While acknowledging opposition voices against the demand by Sadar Hills Districthood Demand Committee (SHDDC) for a full fledged district, the MP said that these demands must be considered too.
“A district cannot be created in the interest of one community alone. It must be done so only with a view to administrative exigency,” he said.
Baite went on to say that inaction of the state government has led to the creation of a lot of problem in Manipur today.
“This despite the fact that the government has categorically stated that the demand for a full fledged Sadar Hills district is genuine,” he asserted.
“Successive state governments, for the past forty years, have chosen to ignore the issue of Sadar Hills and the demand for a full fledged Sadar Hills district,” the MP said and added that “the current political impasse in the state that has clocked 62 days is a result of that.”
Baite also said that the people of Sadar Hills will not be acceptable to redrawing the map of the area for which the state government has instituted a reorganization committee.



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