Drunk unarmed policeman beaten up for bullying MU hostellers


IMPHAL, Oct 12: Irate hostellers of Manipur University beat up a policeman who barged into the boys’ hostel drunk and bullied some hostellers at around 9:30 pm today.

According to the hostellers, some seven unarmed police personnel in full uniform came to Boys’ Hostel No. 3 in a bulletproof Rakshak jeep which had no vehicle registration number and identification number which is usually written in a police vehicle.

One policeman identified as a sub-inspector entered the common room of the boys’ hostel and began to bully some hostellers who were playing table-tennis at that time. One of the senior hostellers intervened and asked the policeman not to disturb them.

The policeman began to assault the hostellers and soon after a scuffle broke out between the police personnel and the hostellers. The SI was severely beaten up by the hostellers while the other personnel reportedly fled from the hostel.

The irate hostellers also overturned the jeep on which the police personnel came to the hostel.

Later, the hostellers of all three boys’ hostel came out from their hostels and began to shout slogans demanding peaceful academic atmosphere inside Manipur University Campus.

A team of Singjamei Police along with the personnel of Assam Rifles rushed to the hostel to control the mob.

Media persons were not allowed to enter the MU campus by the security personnel. 


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