HRD ministry approves upgradation of 49 junior high schools to high schools


IMPHAL, October 24: Under the initiative of the Union ministry of human resource development, the state education department has decided to upgrade 49 junior high schools to high schools and to further create 294 posts for graduate teachers, 116 posts for laboratory attendant and another 116 post for librarian cum assistants under Rastriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan (RMSA).

According to an official source, the central ministry has also approved the up-gradation of the said schools during its public advisory board meeting.

The central ministry has also approved for sanction of six posts of graduate teachers for each upgraded schools at two arts graduate teacher, one Science graduate teacher, one Mathematics graduate teacher and one English graduate teacher and one language graduate teacher.

Further according to the source, the ministry of HRD had approved up-gradation of 67 junior high schools in the year 2009-10 and 2010-11, for which RMSA has already completed the recruitment of graduate teachers. The concerned central ministry has also approved for sanction of one post of laboratory attendant and one post of librarian cum office assistant for each of the up-graded 166 Junior high schools since 2009-10.

The source further mentioned that, among these 67 schools, the state government in a recent cabinet meeting has approved creation of 67 posts of language graduate teachers including 18 for Manipuri, 1 for Bengali, 12 for Additional English, 2 for Nepali, 17 for Tangkhul, 6 for Ruangmei, 3 for Hmar,  2 for Paite and 6 graduate teachers for Thadou Kuki. Subsequently many tribal communities have submitted their representations to the state government for not including their language posts, the source added.

The source also mentioned that, out of the languages approved by the Board of Secondary Education, Manipur in HSLC examination, the languages left out in the  last posts creation by the department are Hindi, Mizo,  Zou, Vaiphei,  Kom and Mao.

In the meantime considering the shortages of language teachers of different recognized communities, the state government has recently approved for the creation of 297 posts of graduate teachers which include 98 posts for Arts graduate teachers, 49 posts each for science graduate teachers, mathematics graduate teachers, English graduate teachers and language teachers respectively.

The 49 posts for language graduate teachers include three graduate teachers each in Hindi, Mizo, Zou, Vaiphei, Kom and Mao, 11 posts in Manipuri and 30 posts in Additional English are approved officially the official source added.

The 49 junior high schools which were approved for up-gradation to high school are eight Junior High schools under Imphal East including Y Tampha Junior High school at Sawombung, Kongpal Imphal Morning Jr. H/S, Tokhok Mapal Jr. H/S,  Porompat Sabal Leikai Jr. H/S, Huikap Jr. H/S,  Thamchet Jr. H/S, Jirighat Jr. H/S and Uchiwa Junior High School in Imphal west district.

Sora Junior High school and Chandrakhong Phangjangkhong Jr. H/S in Thoubal district, Tollen Jr. H/S and Lamlomg Khullen Jr. H/S in Chandel district,  Kalhang Kuirei Jr. H/S, Kharasom, Jr. H/S, Chadong Jr. H/S, T Hundung, Jr. H/S, Sorbung, Jr. H/S, Maokot Jr. H/S, Kasung, Jr. H/S,  Mawai, Jr. H/S in Ukhrul district, Nguylzapum, Jr. H/S, T. Kaizakhup, Jr. H/S, Lungchin, Jr. H/S, and Ningthiching Jr. H/S in Churachandpur district, Bhalok Jr. H/S,  Thingra Jr. H/S, L. Sonpram Jr. H/S, Lenglong Jr. H/S, Lamlaba Jr. H/S,  chaton Jr. H/S,  Takou Jr. H/S,  Oinamlong Jr. H/S, Thuilong Jr. H/S in Tamenglong district,  Chalwa Jr. H/S, Makhan Jr. H/S, Yangkhullen Jr. H/S,  Maiba Govt. Jr. H/S,  Koide Govt. Jr. H/S,  Gallam Jr. H/S,  Chaningpokpi Jr. H/S,  Mapao Keithelmanbi Jr. H/S, Mongbung Jr. H/S, Zalenphai Jr. H/S,  Awang Longa Koireng Jr. H/S,  Saitu Jr. H/S,  Bungte Chiru Jr. H/S,  Tingkai Khullen Jr. H/S,  and Ponlen Jr. H/S in Senapti district, the official source added.


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