Liangmai stidents

    IMPHAL, Oct 8: The Liangmai students in Imphal have their day today by organising their 31st Freshers` Meet at Liangmai Baptist Church compound at Duelaland, Imphal.

    Speaking on the occasion as the chief guest, Adibo Newmei, a senior lecturer of Modern College stressed the need for the students to work hard with determination. He said studying without any focus is not going to have any impact in the society. Adibo also asked the students to learn more from other developed communities.

    The Freshers` Meet was held under the aegis of Liangmai Naga Katimai Ruangdi (LNKR).

    Meanwhile, artists of Liangmai community displayed their best during the function. Church leaders like Rev H Newmai, Rev Mathew Thiumai and others participated in the programme. The student leaders also gave their best performances at the function in whatever way they can.



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