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Making The Right Choice

  By: Gaikhamdim Marangmei

During the month of may-june thousands of students from the state move to different cities to persue higher studies. Now let us ponder to how much money flow out of the state during these months, probably it would be in counts of crores.

Making the Right Choice

However inspite of spending so much amount of money on education, most of the students tend to make the wrong choice in choosing the subject. The main reason being the lack and guidance of proper knowledge of subject and its scope. Back at home most parents belief that after medical and engineering course, the option is to complete graduation in any subject because of which maximum number of students have a hard time deciding where to go next in future. This leads to most of the people from the state ending up their career in BPO( commonly known as call centre).
Thus I strongly feel that one should always take up a subject which are evergreen, or which will reap more harvest in the longrun. As per experience and trends, I would like to suggest some of the courses which one should opt, according to one needs and ability, are listed below ( the trends in Delhi university)

B.com (H):

One should think carefully before taking up this course,though it offers lot of job opportunities,the syllabus is very vast and I have seen students who did their XII com. from the state (Manipur) having a hard time completing their graduation. So I would like to suggest students to check out the syllabus before choosing the subject.

Physics (H):

I would like to suggest this subject to most of the students from the state. This subject offers lot of opportunities after one complete the graduation, especially for students who cant make it to IIT and AIEEE after their XII standard. One can opt for doing Msc from any IIT and explore the opportunities beyond it boundary.Like  doing Phd from abroad.


 Is another popular option as after completing the graduation and master, one can work in an ngo or apply job in any social-welfare dept.  of govt. and it is also considered as a good optional for civil service aspirant.

Psychology (H): 

Thought most of us might not be very much familiar about this subject. Opting this subject opens a wide door of job opportunities in many fields such as career in the field of child psychologist, clinical psychologist, industrialist psychologist, counsellor etc.

Economics (H): 

 At present this subject can be considered to be the most preferred one. As in every field economic application is a must, also it will give one a fair advantage in any competitive exam. It does provide lot of job opportunities after completing the master like the Indian economic service(IES), etc.

Pol Science,History,Geography (H):

These are some of the most preferred subject for civil service examination. This subject does provide one a good knowledge about the country socio-political problem,it suit for those students who want to opt for further studies in law (pol sc) archaeologist ect.

Geology (H):

Students from the state dont have much knowledge regarding this subject, I considered it better than zoology and botany (H). After completing the master in geology,one can opt for not only other science oreinted job but also apply in Geological survey of India (GSI),so i would like to  suggest students who have opted for other science paper( zoology,botany) in the graduation,to do their master in geology.

Mass com:

 Mass communication is one subject which offers a wide variety of jobs be it in the field of electronic media,print media,web journalism,film direction,editing and many more.


A good option for those who want to work in ngo or start an ngo or work in international social organisation.

Thus, I truely feel that choosing the right combination and subject should be the main priority and I hope that the parents and the students will find my little contribution benificial in choosing the right path.

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