MPP commemorates 1st sitting of Manipur state assembly


IMPHAL, Oct 18: “Manipur gained independence from the British colonial rule and adopted democracy even before India”.

This was stated by former deputy Chief Minister, Dr. L. Chandramani, during the commemoration of ‘the 1st sitting of the Manipur State Assembly, 1948’, held today at the MPP office complex, Imphal.

Dr. L. Chandramani while addressing the gathering as the chief guest, claimed that after acquiring Independence on August 14, 1947, the then King of erstwhile kingdom of Manipur, Budhachandra, adopted the Manipur state constitution act, 1947, on August 15 the next day. Under the provision of this act, Manipur appointed 52 MLAs of which 18 were from the Hill districts and 30 from the valley areas while the rest was appointed from intelligentsia section of the state.

The Manipur Assembly under the act remained effective for almost a year however on September 21, 1949, the union of India, led by the Congress party offered Manipur to merge with the union of India assuring improvement of law and order, peace and development in the independent state.

Maharaja Budhachandra signed the merger agreement thereafter however the existing assembly was not informed of the merger agreement, said Dr. L. Chandramani.

He asserted that unlike Manipur the merger agreement of Jammu and Kashmir into the Indian union was deliberately discussed in the assembly of Jammu and Kashmir thrice.

He further questioned how far changes have been brought in Manipur as assured by the Indian union.

Dr. Nimaichand Luwang, president MPP, termed the situation of Manipur as unfortunate as compared to the situation promised to the state by the Indian union.

He cited the over 70 days old blockade which still is creating record, as the most glaring example where Manipur is today, adding the three points assured to Manipur have become worthless.

MPP youth front president, M. Maniton Mangang, in his speech said the Indian government has failed to realize the aspiration of the freedom fighters of Manipur. The state today is reeling under a chaotic situation, he claimed.

He alleged the Congress government of sponsoring state terrorism for their political gains, which he termed, is the main cause for what Manipur is today.

The youth president further observed that Manipur could have earned its slots as a dominant nation in the field of sports, arts and culture, education etc. and urged the people to retrospect the genesis of Manipur to put Manipur in the forefront of the globalization race.


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