Naga bodies condemn ZUF-NSCN (IM) shootout


IMPHAL, October 10: Various Naga based organizations have condemned the October 6 shoot-out between the ZUF and the NSCN (IM) killing five NSCN (IM) cadres and a civilian driver.
The Naga Peoples’ Organization in a press release has stated that “Any attempt by any Naga revolutionary group to jeopardize and disturb the ongoing Naga reconciliation process at the backdrop of positive Indo-Naga peace talk is unacceptable and detrimental to peaceful solution. The Naga People’s Organization (NPO) strongly condemns the factional fighting killing 5(five) NSCN-IM and an innocent driver by ZUF/ZTF, erupting near Taosang and Leishok Village, Nungba sub-division between Zeliangrong United Front (ZUF) and NSCN-IM. It is against any escalation of the present situation and appeals for immediate end of offensive from both the camps”.

It has further added that the recent development has over the efforts of the FNR to reconcile all Naga factional groups to achieve peaceful resolution to the Naga issue and has as such appealed to all concerned to exercise maximum restrain and end the bloodshed.
In a separate press release, the Rongmei Lu Phuam (RLP) has also expressed anguish over the shootout at Sitheilong (Leishok) village.

It has further stated that the RLP had launched a rally on October 8 starting from Gaidimjang to Dam site and back to Gaidimjang, which was participated by around 2000 women folk of the area denouncing the bloodshed in the area.

It has also stated that, after the incident, womenfolk of the area had tried hard to subdue the tense situation and prevented further confrontation between the two sides.
The women of the area had also escorted both parties after the incident so as to avoid any possible encounter late in the night, it further stated.

It has further stated that civilians of the area are facing acute fear psychosis especially in the Khoupum area and as such urged the state government and the centre to bring about stability and peace in the area.

Meanwhile, the PNTM (Poumai Naga Students’ Union) in a separate press release has also condemn the incident.


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