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National convention resolves to demand Sharmila be allowed visitors without restriction

IMPHAL, October 11: The National Convention on Grievances Redressal and Whistelblower protection was held for two days on October 10and 11 organized by the National Campaign for people`s Right to Information at Bluebells school .New Delhi, stated a release of the Save Democracy Repeal AFSPA.

It has further stated that the national convention took two resolutions regarding AFSPA and Irom Sharmilas`s hunger strike along many other resolutions on the issue of grievances redressal and whistleblower protection.

The national convention for People’s Right to Information is lead by many prominent people including Aruna Roy.

During the convention, many human rights activist and RTI activists from various states participated. Human right activist, Dr. Binayak Sen also extended his supports to the movement against AFSPA and Irom Sharmilas’fast, it added.

Further according to the release, the two resolutions taken during the national convention were repeal Armed Forces Special Powers Act 1958 and that Irom Sharmila should be allowed to meet her family members and people without any restriction.

Meanwhile, it has also added that, at the end of the convention, many RTI activists extended their support to the campaign for Save Democracy Repeal AFSPA and also extended their support to the worldwide protest/fast and demonstration which will be held on November 5 all over India and in some other countries.

This world wide protest is being organized by the Save Democracy Repeal AFSPA (Group) and their supporters as part of the observation of the 53 years people’s struggle and Irom Sharmila’s completing 11 years fast on 5th November. 2011.


  1. No idea how to contact these bods or who they write for. Doc Sen seems honest. The Chief Judicial Magistrate of Imphal East has already stated that he believes the blanket ban on visitors to Sharmila issued by the Home Secretarait 2005 i think is supra vires and a challenge in the Guwahati High Court or if necessary the Supreme Court of India would succeed. However each lawyer we have tried has backed out of the action. if these bods are serious get me a laywer who is for hire and isn’t scared of the problems and let’s do this. If they just like issuing resolutions then what can I tell you. This is not my being racist or a sex spy. I shall continue trying to hire a laywer from Goa. 


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