NSCN (IM) not to allow MLA`s burial in his constituency


DIMAPUR, October 8 (NNN): The NSCN-IM has said the dead body of Wungnaoshang Keishing be never be allowed to bury in `Nagalim`.

In that case the mortal remains of the Phungyar MLA will not be allowed to bury in his constituency.

“The NSCN leaders tried several times to understand together with Mr. Wungnaoshang Keishing, but instead of understanding together he rather misinformed the Naga people for his own selfish interest,” the NSCN-IM said in a press communique today.

Wungnaoshang Keishing betrayed the decision and the cause of the Naga people by playing Mr. Ibobi’s anti-Naga political game, the Naga outfit alleged.

“Without standing on the rights of the Naga people, Mr. Wungnaoshang  Keishing supported the Kukis and the Meiteis who are attempting to divide the Naga homeland by creating Sadar Hills district,” the NSCN-IM further alleged.

Anti-Naga activities of the traitors like Mr. Wungnaoshang Keishing can never be tolerated in Naga society, it added.

“Therefore, his dead body should never be allowed to be buried in Nagalim. Those who defy the order shall be held responsible for the consequences.

Same fate awaits for those who walk in similar path,” the NSCN-IM directed and cautions.


  1. Everybody has a right express their own views!!! NSCN – IM has gone crazy!!! Such dictate is against Justice and all norms of civilized society who has a history. It is savagery in its peak!!!


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