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Open Letter To SSA State Mission Authority of Manipur

With reference to the advertisement No.1/3/09-SSA (SMA) dated 30-11-2010 and dated 21-02-2011 applications were invited in the prescribed format for appointment of 527 posts of 17 different categories/grades on contract basis under SSA, Manipur with break-ups indicating different categories of vacant positions in detail with relevant Recruitment Rules indicating district wise allocation/posting of the number of various posts, etc. Hundreds and thousands of aspirant candidates have purchased by standing in long queues and submitted their completed applications before 07-03-2011 as stipulated and as desired in the prescribed format of “Form A” and “Form B”. Lakhs of rupees were collected by the Government on account of sale of prescribed application forms then. Subsequently, admit cards were also issued individually to all the concerned candidates. The said advertisements were issued under the signature of Shri Sumant Singh, IAS, (State Project Director, SSA State Mission Authority, Manipur).

Now, this is one hundred thousand Million Dollar question of the public answerable by Shri Sumant Singh and Dr. J. Suresh Babu, Principal Secretary (Education) as to what steps they have taken in the matter of that advertisement and how the matter stands? Why this matter is kept bungling and disillusioned so long without any convincing clarification to the aggrieved and victimised aspirant candidates as on date? Delay in taking decision amounts to corruption and lack of transparency in its process and procedures for all appointments. The Government should not have advertised it, if the relevant appointments were not to be made openly and in time. This is a serious matter concerning the service career and fate of hundreds and thousands of educated unemployed youths of Manipur. They should not be cheated, insulted, betrayed and victimised as the easy prey in this irrational and substandard manner. This amounts to a serious crime and sin, which is sinner than sin. This is called corruption at high places, committed by the bureaucrats by misusing their seats of power. Such serious irregularities and administrative lapses does not prevail in any sister states of India, excepting in Manipur. Of course, God knows if there is a secret agenda of appointments being made through unfair means from the back-door. The applicants are bearing with untold miseries and sufferings as on date. Their cases deserve special consideration on topmost priority. It seems the SSA is in a fiasco suffering with hiccups in Manipur. In this way the appointing authorities are letting loose “the reign of terror” in Manipur as “Might is Right” and “King does no wrong” and “they could do and undo things”. This is not a myth nor an exaggeration, but it is happening in reality in Manipur.

What is the efficiency, accountability and credibility of the concerned authorities of the esteemed SSA, Manipur? Is it the efficiency of the officers who are the implementing and enforcing agencies of the Right to Education Act in Manipur, under the Government of India? Why they are making mockery of SSA projects in Manipur? Are these appointing officers of SSA Manipur befooling and cheating the educated unemployed youths and the future generations of Manipur as if they are wiser than anybody on earth? They cannot and should not remain silent as a mute spectator irresponsibly when the rest of the world is fast advancing in this new millennium of 21st century. They should awake now from their deep slumbers when youths of Manipur are blood-boiled under wild-fire of frustration for deprivation /confiscation of their fundamental human rights and justified claims for transparency in administration and appointments. Delay in taking decision amounts to denial of justice. The concerned authorities should apologise and confess their misconducts openly to the public. This case cannot and should not be mixed-up nor amalgamated with the appointments already made under RMSA. Is that project under SSA abandoned or is that advertisement cancelled once for all, and if so, when the collected amounts will be refunded to the candidates? This is the voice of the people of Manipur.

Hijam Heramot Singh,
Singjamei Chinga Makhong,
Chongtham Leikai, Imphal,
Phone No. 9856850360.




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