Prepak chairman greets people on its Raising Day


IMPHAL October 8: The People’s Revolutionary Party of Kangleipak (PREPAK) has greeted the public on the occasion of its 34th Raising Day.

A message by the chairman of the PREPAK, N Nongdrenkhomba has saluted the cadres who laid down their lives for the revolutionary cause and greeted the other like minded revolutionary outfits on the occasion.

It states that the formation of a Co-Ordination Committee (CorCom) by seven outfits is pivotal in forwarding the revolutionary struggle and symbolizes the sense of a unified struggle.

The road for unification has been paved for other organizations of both the hills and plains of the state, this will be further taken to another stage to possibly bind the like minded outfits struggling for independence within the South East Asia region, it said.

The unification process have been made a reality after sincere efforts of the sister organizations of the state and PREPAK and its armed wing, the Red Army, it stated.

The need to uphold the unity and make the needed sacrifices for the independence struggle is the need of the hour and the hill based outfits should take cognizance of the fact, it said.

The state has a rich culture in the arts and many have brought laurels in the field of sports and have put Manipur in the international map. Such endeavors need to be propagated and along with it, the populace should strive towards self dependency. The need for bringing about a socio economic development is needed for self sustained nation. We need to join the globalization race and to show the mettle of the Manipuris to the rest of the world, it said.

Further, the people residing in the hills and the plains were interdependent for foodgrains and were self sufficient earlier, but due to the colonial yoke of the Indian government, the dependency has turned to other states.

It further states that we need to identify the real enemies. Those who are in the guise of politicians and yet dance to the whims of the centre are not centered on the development of the state; they are out for their personal gains and also engage in a divide and rule policy among the various communities. They parade themselves as samaritans while underhandedly tortures the populace for their selfish ends, it said.

The outfit condemns terrorist actions and is always for the betterment of the public, the co operation of the public is a must and have been given in kind for the forwarding of the revolutionary movement. Still, the Indian security forces are perpetrating a state sponsored terrorism in the form of fake encounters, custodial killings, imprisonment and rape. The public must recognize the matter and unite to stop such atrocities, it added.

Stating the stance adopted by Anna Hazarae and Ram Dev and Supreme Court rulings against AFSPA as testament that the Indian government is deep rooted in corruption and wayward security forces, it stated that the highest level of corruption is seen in India due to criminal politicians.

It also added that more than 8000 persons have gone missing in Kashmir under the shadow of the AFSPA and similarly, many crimes have been committed in Manipur. The Indian government is concerned only for the land and not its populace, but the actions of the Indian army to be able to save India remains doubtful, it said. We cannot remain safe under such atrocities committed by the Indian government, it said.


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