RPF/PLA greets on 67th UN Day


IMPHAL, Oct 24: The proscribed RPF/PLA has extended its warm greetings to the people of Manipur with the coming of the 67th foundation day of United Nations on October 24.

A statement issued by the publicity secretary T Leishemba stated that the United Nations was formed on October 24, 1945 with the objective of maintaining peace and harmony in the whole world.

Various bodies of the United Nations have been working actively to ensure peace, progress and development in all the countries of the world regardless of race, caste and region, it said.

The statement further mentioned that the right to self-determination has been enlisted in the UN Charter as well as in ICCPR and ICESCR, 1996. However, India has deprived the right to self-determination of the Manipuri people.

It appealed to the people of Manipur to understand the need to strenghten the liberation movement by 2050 by utilizing all possible means.


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