RPF/PLA greets on Ningol Chakkouba


    IMPHAL, October 26: The proscribed RPF/PLA has extended its warm greetings to the people of Manipur on Ningol Chakkouba.

    A statement of the RPF issued by publicity secretary T Leishemba mentioned that Ningol Chakkouba is a traditional festival which strengthens the bond of love of married women with their parental family members. The festival has been celebrated since time immemorial, but the nature of Ningol Chakkouba has now changed drastically due to the influence of alien culture and religion.

    The sanctity of the festival has been marred with more competition on ‘dakshina’ and other materialistic things rather than upholding the age-old tradition of the festival, it said.

    The RPF/PLA further appealed to the people to celebrate Ningol Chakkouba with lesser expenses by giving emphasis more on traditional values of the festival.


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