Senapati consumers` club complains against incompletion of Consumers forum Court Building Construction


IMPHAL, October 31: The Senapati District Consumers’ Club has made a written complaint to the Deputy Commissioner against the poor workmanship and incompletion of the Senapati District Consumers forum Court Building Construction.

The club in its complain has stated that based on specific complaints and information the SDCC executive committee conducted a physical enquiry at the work site of the Senapati District Consumers Forum Court Building Construction at Senapati on October 18 and found out the poor workmanship, use of substandard construction materials and non completion of works despite the contractors, claim for completion and withdrawal of funds.

It has further mentioned that according to engineers and builders, estimates of the cost of construction materials and other expenditures incurred up to the present level of work completion would be Rs. 2.5 lacs.

However it has added that works have been stopped for about a year and there is no sign or indication that it would be resumed in the near future as there were no construction materials near the site and the whereabouts of the special contractor L. Maikho and builders could not be traced.

In the complain, the club has further stated that, it is learn that similar work programme in the district had been completed satisfactorily particularly at Churachandpur under the same department i,e MTDC, Lamphel and is all set to be inaugurated very soon.

It has further stated that, the officials concerned of the department and the contractors must be pulled up for disciplinary action and made to reconstruct the said building as per the work specifications at the earliest failing which the SDCC would be compelled to initiate legal suit against the department and the contractors or resort to open public protest whichever is more effective.


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