Thanlon villagers celebrate benefits of development with local MLA


From Kaimuanthang
LAMKA, October 5: When people of the state are making frantic preparations to celebrate the post harvesting festival Kut, the people of Thanlon areas celebrated their jubilation at a remote Mualnuam village as they have feel the benefits of development has reached to them ultimately and that atleast one in two village households have accesses to the benefits of development schemes. 

According to a villager from Pamjal, where three children had earlier died after consuming adulterated food which was prepared from Brinjal, Pumpkins and potatoes , he has not even entertained the hope in his mind to avail such  types of facilities since the  last many  years , but at long last he was given CGI sheets of five bundles and a family benefit scheme.

Though benefits availed by residents of the subdivision have been devoid from media hyped so far  primarily due to the perception that it is an  inaccessible peripheral area, indeed it is worth the while to make highlights of the inflow of such development facilities in the area.

Even for those who claim to have been the least affected by such shemes, like Mualnuam according to a resident  many schemes have been given by way of development  of playground , market shed under the BRGF, cemetery road construction under MLA local areas development programnmes, waiting shed under the BRGF, augmentation of water supply, improvement of Tualkhanhau government high school, family benefits schemes, opening of five Anganwadi centres, old age pension to name a few  alongwith so many others which counts to about 22 altogether.

Provision of the same types of facilities have been extended to all other villages the numbers of which has touched to about 66, said the local MLA V Hangkhanlian on the sidelines of the celebration which started at about 6 pm of Oct 3 at ZYA Hall. 

He further claimed that out of the 66 villages under Thanlon constituency 25 are declaring full support to him with many yet to declared while stating that there are two more schemes that he is yet to announce.

We are celebrating today with joy for his care on our welfare stated Mangpu a village chief of Kaihlam who have come all the way to attend the celebration. 

Indeed that must have been the reason as in a village having a household of 150/160 there are about 25/30 people getting an old age pension benefit with atleast 8 to 10 getting family benefit schemes while 3/4 anganwadi centres are being set up thus having been able employ about 8 as workers as well as helpers.

The celebration was attended by two officials from the BRTF , PTC president L Pumzanang , ZSF president S Kapkhanmuan , many workers of NPP chiefs from the surrounding villages and residents bringing presents to him to show their ecstasy while many are seen wrapping him with a traditional shawl.

The celebration was marked with presentations, garlands offered to the MLA, choreography dances, artist rocking the gatherings etc.


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