The Obscure Story


The Obscure Story

(By: Deepa Khomdram)

The obscure story began
Without being questioned,
Without a beginning, Or an end
They listened
The story continued…
Some whimpered
Some cheered with gibber
Some whispered,
Some in deep slumber

Not a soul knew the obscure story
Perplex were the audience
The orator in uncertainty
Failed to create an ambiance
Yet the story continued…
Some cried,
Some cheered,
Some sighed,
Some jeered

Finally concluded the obscure story
The orator sneered
Everyone was in frenzy
Made a sign and disappeared
The crowds continued…
Some mumbling
some thinking
Some fumbling
Some laughing!

[box color=”blue”] The above poem was sent to Kanglaonline by Deepa Khomdram [/box]


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