Unity can bring solution to state issues says AMTU


IMPHAL, Oct 22 (NNN): Stressing that the Nagas will need the Meiteis and the Kukis and vice versa to bring a regional political solution, the All Manipur Tribal Union  said it is only a matter of misunderstanding and frustration that bring hatred due to manipulative temptation which can be solved through reconciliation and ethical parleys.

AMTU said it believes that every organization has its common objective of development and it logically must be civilization. Unity is the essence of fraternity and it comes only when there is respect and honour to one another irrespective of both great and meek, AMTU added.

Meanwhile, raising question on fratricidal killing between ZUF and NSCN or between any insurgent group, it said as the days are not far away that every community will need each other as the whole world has become a single global village at this age of knowledge.


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