Wildlife week observation calls for stern action against hunting of wildlife


IMPHAL, October 1: State principal chief conservator of forest (Wildlife) and chief wildlife warden A Kharshing IFS has called for a joint effort of various line departments of the state to prevent the hunting of wild animals and birds to ensure effective conservation and protection of wild life in the state.

Attending as the chief guest during the 56th Wild-life Week celebration at the Manipur Zoological garden, Iroisemba organized by the state forest department this morning, Kharshing further mentioned that the continuous hunting of animals and birds by local hunters meant for consumption and for commercial purpose is one major factor behind the extinction of various wild life including both animals and birds.

He further added that such hunting for commercial and consumption purpose should be prevented with a joint effort of the line departments immediately.

Hunting of wildlife also negatively affects the bio-diversity, he added

Such unlawful activities of hunters should be prevented with joint coordination between the various state agencies to help in maintaining the bio-diversity of the region, he further stated. 

In the meantime, DC Karnatak, IFS addl. principal conservator of forest who presided over the onservation further mentioned that, the objective of the celebration of Wild Life Week which is celebrated during the first week of October since past many years in the state as in other parts of the country will never come out with success until and unless the government puts into force stern actions against persons who are into killing and hunting of wildlife for consumption as well as commercial purpose.

The formal observation of the 56th Wild Life Week’ held this morning at Zoological Garden, Iroisemba was formally opened with the lightening of the inaugural lamp by the chief guest and reading out of the Prime Minister’s message on the eve of the 56th celebration of National Wild Life week and felicitation of Dr Kh Shamungou, member of Deer Specialist.

Later the chief guest and president of the function, after making their deliberations distributed prizes to the winners of essay competition and spot painting competitions organized in connection with the Wild life week.



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