Woman found unconscious with signs of harrassment


IMPHAL, October 12: An identified woman aged about 45-48, was found lying unconscious with bruises all over her body at a secluded area near the hills of Loitang Khullen and Oakshu Chingkon by locals of Khaman area when they were going to their paddy fields, early this morning at around 8am.

Further according to a local source, the woman who seems to be tribal, reek of alcohol and was found in a semi naked condition with only her inner garments upon her body. Her other clothes were found a few meters away from her.

The woman was found some eight kms away from the Sekmai police station.

Further according to the Sekmai police, the woman had wounds all over her body. It seemed like someone had used a scissor to cut through her left eye-brow and there were scratch marks all over her body.

However, since the woman is still unconscious, it cannot be verified how she ended up there, the police told mediapersons.

Meanwhile, according to another source, the locals who found the woman, informed the Khanaram Luwang Chaokhat Khongthang Nupi Lup, whose members further took her to the RIMS hospital.

According to a member of the association, there was a noise of an autorickshaw passing along the Khaman to Loitang inter-village road at around midnight yesterday. She also added that they have no idea about who the woman is, however after the locals informed them, they took her to RIMS.

The condition of the woman, who is presently undergoing treatment at RIMS, is stated to be stable.

Meanwhile, the police are trying to identify the woman and look further into the incident.


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