Anti-Sadar Hills group to organize rally against signing of MoU


IMPHAL, Nov 12: The Committee Against the Creation of Sadar Hills District informed that it will organized a silent public procession rally on the November 17 as a mark of protest and dissatisfaction over the signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MoO) between the government of Manipur and Sadar Hills Districthood Demand Committee (SHDDC).

It said any attempt to thwart the silent procession from any angles including government agencies will be violation of the Indian constitution, adding that the rally will be staged as per the provision more specifically article 19 (a) (b) (d) of the constitution.

It said the government should not prevent the democratic citizens from exercising their constitutional rights rather efforts should be made to extend maximum supports and co-operation for such public procession considering the necessity for peaceful atmosphere without resorting to violent activities.

Any obstruction to the proposed peaceful public procession will be tantamount to denial of constitutional rights and suppression to democratic citizens, it further said.

It maintained that the MoU signed is much against feelings and sentiments of the affected people living within the areas of Sadar Hills district demand jurisdiction.

It said the government of Manipur efforts to fulfil the interest of Kuki’s sponsored SHDDC by ignoring the sentiments of other different communities lack logical reasons and totally undemocratic way of dealings. Zeliangrong people demand for merger of their areas presently situated in Churachandpur and Sadar Hills areas of Senapati district to Tamenglong district is not a new issue as such there was an instance where government of India issuing ‘directive’ to the state government in the past.

It said the Zeliangrong people demand supported by relevant documents based on historical background and evidences have submitted to the Committee on Re-organisation of Administrative and Police Distrcit Boundary and evidence have submitted unnecessary delay to materialize the demand will invite widespread protest from Zeliangrong people in their pursuit to meet their genuine demand.

The Zeliangrong people living in Churachandpur and Sadar Hills of Senapati districts are facing untold hardship with discrimination in different aspects and opportunities, it alleged and asserted that the duty and responsibility to safeguard the citizens rights in accordance with the provisions of the constitution is the utmost priority for any democratic government.


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