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Finance dept instructs state depts to reflect earlier borrowings in new budget estimates

IMPHAL, November 22: The state finance department has instructed the competent authorities of all state departments to submit their prepared budget estimates for 2012-13 and revised estimate 2011-12  by November 30, informed a reliable source.

The department has further informed the authorities concerned that the departments may designate an official of their respective departments to work with the budget section of the state finance department in the preparation of their budget estimates for accuracy of the estimates.

The finance department has further instructed all departments that the estimates should accurately reflect the repayments against borrowings in earlier years made by the administrative departments and its agencies and added that provision for such repayments will not be entertained at the revised estimate stage.

The departments have also been instructed to reflect the basis of calculation of repayments during the year in an explanatory note, the source informed.

The finance department has further emphasized that the departments should prepare plan estimates as per revised/final sectoral allocation of the Annual Plan 2011-12 and also as per the tentative/final sectoral allocation of annual plan 2012-13 issued by the planning department. No deviation from the plan outlay will be allowed and even changes within the department’s outlay especially in earmarked sectors should be made with the approval of planning department.

It has also instructed the departments that once the sectoral allocation are issued by planning department, the concerned departments should prepare and furnish the estimates accordingly and the finance department may not be constrained to remind of it to the departments, the source added.

The source has also informed that the plan expenditure estimate should be routed through the planning department which will exercise the checks that funds meant for earmarked sectors are correctly earmarked and all the committed expenditures like state matching shares are adequately provided by the concerned departments.

The planning department will forward the plan expenditure estimates to the finance department only after vetting and necessary rectifications. The estimates and all relevant documents should be submitted through the administrative departments only, the source informed.



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