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MPP seeks support from other parties to protest `Supra State Body`

IMPHAL, November 17: Manipur People’s Party (MPP) has resolved to seek the support of other political parties in protesting the formation of a proposed “Supra State Body” for the Nagas.

The resolution was taken today in an emergency central committee meeting of MPP held today at its head-office near Mapal Kangjeibung, Imphal.

MPP president Dr Nimaichand Luwang appealed to all political parties and social organizations to protest the “Supra State Body” which aims at disintegrating the territorial integrity of the Northeast.

He further stated that the party will hold series of protests from Saturday onwards if the Centre as well as the state government fails to give a clear picture of the proposed “Supra State Body” to the people.

Meanwhile Newmai News Network adds: Also, Senior Citizens for Society, Manipur (SCS Manipur) has taken serious note of the extremely dangerous development of the polico-social crisis in Manipur and adjoining area, arising out of the publication of the news report on Supra-State Body to be handed over to the Nagas as an Christmast gift.

The surcharge political environment has come out as a result of the deliberations and understandings between the Government of India and the NSCN-IM to the proposed political theory and concept for a political solution of Nagaland, and the Nagas as a whole, said N. Binoy Singh, president SCS Manipur during a press conference at its office here on Thursday.

The core committee of SCS Manipur has perused all the available documents and details published by the regional and local dailies, statement by the Chie minister, leaders of political parties, politicians, and statements from the civil societies of the state. Having gone into details of all sources, the committee opined that Manipur will face an unending political, constitutional, administrative, and law and order problems if wishes and aspirations of the Manipuris to protect their aged old territory are dumped unceremoniously.

“Greater Nagaland and the Supra-State Body are the two sides of the same coin. “Alternative arrangement territory” proposed by the Nagas of Manipur, under the guidance of the NSCN-IM, is closely linked to Supra-State Body concept”, Binoy claimed.

“The SCS Manipur with justice and humility in the mind, hopes that New Delhi will do justice to the Manipuris who inhabit the state, saying disintegration of Manipur will have far-reaching politico-strategic impact to the vital national interest of the Union of India”, noted Binoy.



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