World Sunday School Day observed at Ukhrul


From John K. Kaping
UKHRUL, November 7:  The “World Sunday School Day”, was observed by the Phungyo Baptist Church (PBC) of the Northern Tangkhul  Naga Baptist Association (NTNBA) on November 6 at Ukhrul.

The day is being observed to commemorate the day and its significant change of effective effects towards this modern world especially to the children of the Sunday- School in nurturing their shape in way of how a good Christian by birth should adapt to grow in the society through the foot-steps of Christianity’s religion principles.

The observation on this vital occasion by PBC was opened with the spiritual congregation service at the local Church in the morning with a special Gospel message brought by its Pastor Ayonsui Shingnaisui delivering the good news to thousands of souls participating in the morning Service.

He quoted the Gospel words according the book in the Bible, Titus 2:7 and the following verses.

The Pastor while sharing the words asserted that the “World Sunday School” was founded by Robert Raikes, England (Sooty Alley) in 1780 with a great challenge to save or shape the children community after seeing thousands and thousands of street children who neither go to school nor to Church and in India the Serampore trio successfully started the mission of establishing the observation and teachings of the unique school (World Sunday School) in 1803 after the trio failed in first attempt in 1802.

The Pastor further shared views and ideas to be an “ideal Sunday School Teachers” the story of Teaching Ministry methodology jotted down by Imtijungla Aier (Author) in the Teaching Ministry from Nagaland who according to her book in Teaching Ministry says, there always involved two distinct groups known as the teachers and students out of which one group always suffers. The saying correlates that the students suffer due to lack of teachers’ preparation to teach students, on the other, side the teachers suffer in preparing the lesson plans. But considering all odds and accounts the central notion according to the author underscored the methodology to be on the group of “teachers suffer” in order to portray an ideal Sunday School teachers.

The occasion also marked as an excitable and interesting special day to the hundreds and hundreds Sunday School Children as the church (PBC) in Collaboration with the Church Sunday School staffs led by its present and former Superintendents Mr. Ayo Vasha and Miss S. Rinngamla opened different recreationary items for the children. Special Offering was donated for the children’s prizes and gifts of sweets and chocolates for the winner and participants of Bible exams. Children were let to play games out-door at Shipai goal (open park at Ukhrul) where the kids by themselves made the spelling of “SUNDAY” in merriment to mark the occasion vital. The Church too arranged a joint dinner with all the participants and children.


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