Yashwant Sinha demands airlifting of essential commodities to state


IMPHAL, Nov 8 (Newmai News Network): Lok Sabha MP hailing from BJP and former union finance minister Yashwant Sinha on Tuesday said the government of India and state government of Manipur should make available adequate essential commodities in Manipur if they are not able to stop the ongoing economic blockade on National Highways.

Yashwant was speaking at a “One-day Intellectual Meet of Manipur Vision 2025” at Classic Hotel, Imphal today.

He said if the ongoing 100 days economic blockade on highways were imposed on other cities like Kolkata, Bangalore, Delhi, etc. things might have been totally different in the country.

However, he said, “Democracy should be maintained at all cost. A voting right of an individual should not be allowed to take away or buy out. We will be losing the essence of democracy if the trend goes like this.”

The national BJP will take up the Manipur issue in the coming winter session of Parliament in its possible strongest way, the BJP leader said.

Coming on the topic of the meet, Yashwant, who is on a two-day visit to the state, asserted that no vision document can be achieved success if law and order is not maintained in the state.

“If the government of India and government of Manipur are unable to stop economic blockade then they should make available of adequate essential commodities in the state”, demanded Yashwant at the discussion organize by Manipur Pradesh BJP.

They should make all possible arrangements to facilitate airlifting of goods if they are not able to open up the blockade. They should not let the people suffer any more, he added.

Prakash Javedkar, BJP national spokesperson and election in-charge of Manipur state, who was also attending the meet sarcastically said, “There are 30 plus underground groups here in Manipur and the ‘plus’ is the government led by Chief Minister O Ibobi Singh.

However, he said Manipur is not only a state where gun culture, rampant corruption and extortion are occurred but it is also very rich in culture, history and has a lot of intellectuals.

“Manipur has the potential to change within a decade under the “Manipur Vision 2025″ but the current situation is really hopeless.”

Bandh and blockade are a daily routine in Manipur but this time a new thing has also come up in the State and that is “counter economic blockade over economic blockade.” It is an unprecedented state of affair which has never happened before, Javedkar said.

“What is the central government doing when the economic blockade has entered its 100th day today? Just sending of money is not enough.”

The BJP spokesperson also recalled Chief Minister Ibobi’s statement when he said the other day that additional security forces would be sent to escort goods laden trucks on highways. Javedkar also questioned as to why he is taking three months in taking up such step.

In Manipur, the ministers, MLAs and even police officers are subjected to pay money to militant organizations, he alleged.

“Manipur can become a tourism hub, IT hub and a gateway of Southeast Asia just in case the law and order is kept under control”, suggested Javedkar.

He also lauded the State and said it does not need to suffer just like we suffered during the British rule as it has its own proud history, independence and full of culture.

Yashwant Sinha was accompanied by Prakash Javedkar and Northeasst in-charge Chandrashekhar Rao in the visit.


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