ZYF reiterated merger entire Zeliangrong land


IMPHAL, November 3: The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between the Manipur government and Sadar Hills Districthood Demand Committee (SHDDC) to add three new sub-divisions in addition to the existing three sub-divisions within small areas of Kukis dominated jurisdiction has clearly indicated for creation of a district exclusively for Kuki communities, alleged the Zeliangrong Youth Front (ZYF).

In a statement, Thaingamlung Gangmei-ZYF-general secretary, said the MoU has reflected the necessity for consolidation of community based districts for peaceful atmosphere, therefore, the same method should be applied to the Zeliangrong people merger demand which is a long demand.

Reiterating the merger demand, the ZYF have submitted the matter in writing during the public hearing conducted by the CRA&PDB, therefore, any paradoxical decision if taken by the government in this matter will be strongly reacted in a befitting manner, it warned.

Any attempt to absorb the Zeliangrong villages of different hills districts into the fold of valley districts will be considered as a deliberate intention to render the Zeliangrong people minority in all districts therefore, caution to desist from such attempt for the Zeliangrong people will never tolerate such attempts, it added.

The government of Manipur should not take the merger demand of the Zeliangrong people lightly because the matter was already agreed by the government of India for merger. Further delaying the matter will only lead to more complicacies and multiply the issue, therefore, it is the right time for the CRA&PDB in particular to redraw the district boundary of Tamenglong district by merger of the Zeliangrong lands which were parted during the creation of different districts and Sadar Hills sub-division in the past without their knowledge and consent, it further said.

The Zeliangrong people’s stand and position was already made clear to the CRA&PDB, therefore, the Zeliangrong people being democratic law abiding citizens may not be hesitated to launch strong agitations if their lands are still included in the proposed Sadar Hills district or trying to include in any districts other than the parent Tamenglong district, it warned.


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