BJP attacks `SPF`s goof-ups` during PM`s visit


IMPHAL, December 7: Taking a dig at the Congress led SPF government for the goof-ups reported during the December 3 visit of the Prime Minister of India Manmohan Singh and UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi in the state, BJP national executive member has charged that the SPF government has embarrassed the people of the State in front of other States of the country.

M Bhorot further informed media persons this evening during a press conference that the action of the state government, leaving the Union ministers who were accompanying the PM in his recent trip standing throughout the public meeting at Kangla has embarrassed the people of the state.

The press conference was held at conference hall of the state BJP office today.

Elaborating on the issue, he further stated that Manipur is well known for its hospitality and is well known throughout the world for its culture and tradition, however to welcome the VVIPs by making them stand behind throughout the public meeting is a big embarrassment for the people of the state and it will only degrade the status of the State in front of other States.

The goof up in the interpretation of the Prime Minister’s speech during the public meeting has also embarrassed the state, he added.

He has further expressed that the state government had wasted crores of rupees during the preparation for the Prime Minister’s visit. He added that the SPF government had constructed a long wooden fencing along the route starting from Tulihal airport and connecting all the venues where the Prime Minister had inaugurated the mega structures, however the PM and the UPA chairperson ignored the preparation and sheepishly came and without even using the route left after inaugurating the projects.

People who had wanted to take a look at them were left unsatisfied, he added.

He further charged that even though the Prime Minister had clarified that there are no proposals of the Supra state body, it has failed to take any action against the Seven Sister post which means that there is some uncertainty about the issue.


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