Celebrate The Meaningful Christmas


    By Dr. Thamsing Lamkang
    Pastor, LFD & Sports Resource Center

    ‘If you haven’t discovered something you are willing to die for, then you haven’t yet found anything worth living for’ Revelation 3:2-3.

    Another year of Christmas is at hand, while the secular worlds are into hefty business in the name of Christmas. Christians will spend all they have to shop, decorate homes, buying cakes, cards and gifts for others in the name of Merry making Christmas. Whatsoever, it is only for seasonal and then it’ll be gone. But have you ever thought about the divine purpose of life? Have you ever thought about the significance of Jesus birth for your life and others close to you?

    In life, we almost and always consider important on the things money can buy, and neglect on the spiritual thing which money cannot buy? I would suggest Christmas is the right time to search your heart, just as the wise men and the shepherds who search and find Jesus. They were filled with joy to find baby Jesus in the manger. Christmas is the spiritual celebrations we must celebrate Jesus by renewing our hearts and mind to fulfill the purpose of Jesus birth in our life!

    I have been observing Christmas celebration since my childhood, but it is more like celebrating the day i.e. 25th Dec. without celebrating Jesus at all. We’re doing the same thing every year like a traditional program rather then celebrating the divine Son of God. I am referring to the applications of the word ‘Gospel or Good News’ in our world today.

    The Good News (Jesus) is not meant to keep in us alone but pass it on to others and to do that Christmas is the right season to bring souls to Jesus. The Gospel has no meaning, no purpose and no power unless we bring it in our heart first (be born again) before telling to others. How will you give to others what you haven’t got for yourself first?

    As our spiritual celebration, in everything we do it can’t be done without Jesus because it is His birthday. Jesus will be happy if you can bring souls on His birthday. It is men’s duty to proclaim Jesus and it is God’s business to bring conviction to the hearts of people. Have you done your part yet? ‘Every heart with Jesus is missionary and every heart without Jesus is the mission field’. If you cannot tell others about Christ tell Christ about others and you’ll soon tell others about Jesus.

    God gave man the power to create creativity for the sake of His purpose. It is sin if we didn’t utilize what God had given to us and make life more meaningful! In Luke 5: 18-20, we know the story of some friends how they create means to meet Jesus from the roof top, “Some men arrived carrying a paraplegic on a stretcher. Out of desperation and bold belief, they create opportunity out of no way from the roof top right in front of Jesus. Jesus was so impressed, and He said, friend I forgive your sins”. Discover the purpose and the meaning of Christmas so that, the ‘Great Joy’ of Christmas enters your family first before telling to others!

    ‘Can you give your heart and your life to Jesus this Christmas?

    Christmas: God born on earth. Christmas: God born into your own life. “Jesus’ special place and favorite gifts are your heart and your life”! Once, your life is given you are now prepared to celebrate a ‘Meaningful Christmas’. God sent Jesus to redeem your life. You must tell the ‘Good News’ to others to believe in Jesus. Then after, they too can tell others! “Christ in You” is now “Christ in Others” Heb. 10:24.

    * A boy wanted to be with his Papa. But busy Pa gave chocolates, not his time. The boy stood quite besides the door. Pa gave money and sent his staff along with his son to buy anything his boy wants. But the boy come back again and stood at the same place. Pa asked him what else he need. The boy said “Pa, I want nothing, I just want to be with you.” Pa was so touched with his son’s longing ness.

    The character of the boy simply reflects God’s character of love relationship, while the father’s character tells about men trying to love God by their wealth alone.

    ‘Pure and undefiled religion before our God and the Father is this; to visit orphans and widows in their trouble and to keep oneself unspotted from the world’ James 1: 27.

    Christmas is the birthday of Jesus. If you see in the eyes of God, you’ll find people (poor, needy, sick, and orphans etc.) their need is your attention. Whatsoever it is, when you give gifts it will be a ‘Christmas joy’ for them. Jesus will be happy to make somebody smile on His birthday!

    * Tale of a Richman; one day a poor old man went to beg at the rich man’s house, but the rich man said ‘no money’. The beggar again asked for any old warm cloths, but no cloths. Then any leftover food, no food either. The beggar can’t believe to notice such a selfish rich man having no money, no cloths and not even food. The beggar asks if you have nothing to offer me, please come with me together we can beg. There are many rich people who live nothing more than the beggars.

    “Why people didn’t give? Because they didn’t have. Why they didn’t have? Because they didn’t give” (repeat thrice)!

    God gave you health, wealth, position and families etc. In return, can you be a blessing this Christmas? Let’s remind ourselves that “Jesus never keeps a thing of this physical world because it is useless when you leave sooner or later” But why men fights to gain what they cannot keep!

    Jesus teaches us that money invested in helping others is the best investment ever. It’s like storing heavenly treasures. If you want to keep or waste your money and not willing to help others, fine! However, remember that you’ll also reap the consequences.

    As you give, never forget the principles of biblical giving: “You shouldn’t expect back when giving. And also, never forget to include the Good News of Great Joy in your giving”. Let us not give Christmas gifts or cakes only to rich people so that, they may give in return. There are many desperate (needy) people, who can’t afford to have what they need. “Give to others what they need, not what they want”! We shouldn’t make mistakes who to give and what to give?

    The Christmas-cake which is commonly given to the non-Christians must be given with its meaning. We give out of Christmas joy and to be joyful is because of the Good News of Jesus who came to save the sinners. Can you include the ‘Good News of Jesus’ with your gifts this Christmas, especially to unbelievers?

    If you are ashamed to include the good news, remember that you’re yet to know the true meaning of Christmas!!

    Wishing all readers to celebrate a meaningful Christmas in the Spirit, filled with joy and happiness from above! Have a Blessed Merry Christmas!! Ring & Thamsing, the Authors!

    (The article is the re-edition of “WHY CHRISTMAS???” Author by Dr. Thamsing Lamkang, Published by V. Sakhrie Kohima!


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